My bestie has a Martha Stewart floral hoop wreath on her front door. It looks absolutely adorable. I did a quick google search and realized these simple wreaths can cost up to $100. Insert shock and awe. As with nearly everything, I thought to myself…I can make that. And so it began: The DIY Dollar Tree Wreath project.

The Inspiration

The Supplies from the Dollar Tree

  • Jute Wire (3).
  • Faux Floral Stems (3).
  • Hot Glue Gun (I had this on hand already).
  • Wire snips (I had this one hand already as well).
  • Something round to shape the wire. I used a side table.

Tutorial: DIY Dollar Tree Wreath

I was creating this DIY Dollar Store wreath on the fly. No template other than the inspiration. I started by cutting each jute wire packet in half. After do this with all three packets, I ended up with six equally length jute wrapped wires. I used a hair tie to temporarily secure one end. I literally took it out of my hair. (so resourceful) I started by braiding the jute wire together. Each section is two wires. After I finished braiding the wire, I twisted the ends together and secured with a little hot glue. You don’t have to worry about it being super neat because you will cover it with flowers. Shape the wire into a circle. This part took a bit of finessing. Then, it was time to add the faux flowers. First, I trimmed off the extra green stems so I was left with mostly flowers. I glued on one blue flower stem facing each direction. Then, I added on the pink flowers in the middle to make that section fuller. Finally, I added in the green leaves to the back, barely peeking out to add texture and dimension.

MY DIY Dollar Tree Wreath

The entire project took about 30 minutes. It came in at just under $6.50. I’d call this one a huge success for a trendy home decor item. My front porch feels ready for Spring. Head on over to the Dollar Tree and make your own DIY Dollar Store wreath.



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