Quick Recap

On a whim, I decided to enter the One Room Challenge, Spring 2021. This is a friendly online competition where several designers and guests (like me) transform one room in their homes and apartments. We all have at least one room that we haven’t quite decorated or that we have been meaning to decorate with the best of intentions but really it turns into a catch-all, storage space. This is our opportunity to GYLT or “get your life together” in 8 weeks. For this challenge, I chose the Master Bedroom. Week 2 features a DIY Headboard update.

Since I entered the ORC on a whim, I was NOT prepared. As an admittedly Type A person, Week 2 was a bit stressful. I spent much of the week putting together a plan of attack. I desperately needed a plan.

Tentative Weekly Schedule

  1. Mood Board
  2. DIY Headboard Makeover
  3. Feature Wall
  4. Nightstand Upcycle
  5. Dresser Makeover
  6. DIY Wall Hanging
  7. DIY Decorative Accents
  8. Final Reveal

Cost Neutral Update aka Budget

In true Kelly fashion, I added another hurdle to this challenge. My entire plan is contingent on using what I already have and selling items to fund this entire project. As you learned in the last post, I have a garage full of boxes that we haven’t touched in two years. Clearly, we don’t need that stuff. Each week, I am going through the boxes and selling items on Facebook Marketplace. So far, I have sold 3 drones and a few PS4 games totalling $50. This week, I spent a total of $11 dollars for 2 cans of spray paint from Michael’s. I’m thankful for their coupons to keep me on track. I have $39 dollars to work on next week’s projects. The million dollar question: what did I do with that spray paint?

DIY Headboard Makeover

You have to be EXTRA creative when you are on a tight budget. This truly means, doing more with less. In my case, I desperately wanted a new headboard, but I can’t justify the cost. I mean, I’m decorating my temporary Master Bedroom.

I really don’t mind this headboard. It is a bit shorter than I prefer. However, I am on a budget and My Little House that Could will be finished in the fall. There is no need to buy something new right now. So I did a little research for my DIY Headboard project. I definitely could have bought fabric and reupholstered it. But have you seen the prices for fabric these days? Add to that, I actually like the half tufted/half not tufted vibes in this one. I went all the way down the Pinterest black hole of painting upholstered furniture. There are so many options from latex paint with fabric medium to chalk paint to spray paint.

I’m not gonna lie to you. This process was scary and intimidating. It was one of those times where it truly got a bunch worse before it got better. That’s DIY for ya. Am I right or what? The key is to keep going even when it’s scary. Also, spray thin coats. It is uber tempting to spray a section until it’s covered. Don’t do it, just don’t.

For the final step, nearly all of the research said to use a wax to seal the color in. Most of the folks used clear wax, but I didn’t have any on hand. So, I improvised. This black wax gave the headboard an added level of depth to the color. It is applied the wax with a wax brush just like you would on wood. I did not have much to buff off. I tried to keep the layers very thin just like the spray paint. Two layers total. After waiting close to 48 hours, I used an old rag to buff the wax to ensure it was set and would not rub off on the bedding.

I’m totally in love with the results. I am so glad that I jumped outside my comfort zone and painted my upholstered headboard. It was a fun and easy update for $11 dollars. The fabric turned out just a smidge stiffer than it started. It is still pliable and gives. I honestly don’t think you would notice if I didn’t tell you what I did.

Lessons Learned

It takes more cans of spray paint than you think. Buy extra. If I didn’t use the black wax, I would have done another coat of the spray paint, hands down. The wax did soften up the material so I second that recommendation. I definitely recommend that you try this process out. Use a thrift store find or an older piece so you have room to make mistakes and test out techniques.

I’m signing off now to go sell more stuff. $39 dollars isn’t much and you better believe, I will stretch those pennies. I need more if I am going to get a duvet cover and a rug. Until next week, pop over to the One Room Challenge to check out the other participants. There is so much inspiration and creativity, it’s bound to rub off. 🙂



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