DIY Macrame Wall Art

There is only one week left in the Better Homes & Gardens One Room Challenge. Time has literally flown by. This week, I finally had a relaxing and creative week working on my Macrame Wall Art. To catch up on my progress, check out my previous weeks:

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Tentative Weekly Schedule

  1. Mood Board
  2. DIY Headboard Makeover
  3. Feature Wall
  4. Nightstand Upcycle
  5. Decorative Accents
  6. Dresser Makeover (bumped from Week 5)
  7. Macrame DIY Wall Hanging
  8. DIY Decorative Accents & Final Reveal

DIY Macrame Wall Art

Let’s take a look back at my inspiration from my mood board.

I love this wall art. I loved the graphic contrast between the tassels and the rest of the piece. Since I am starting with a beige room, I knew I needed more than just off white. The Dollar Tree had a nice selection of neutral yarn that I knew would fit the bill.


  • Yarn from the Dollar Tree
  • Wooden Dowel from the Dollar Tree
  • Scissors
  • Something to wrap yarn around for the tassels. I used a sanding block.
  • Clear hair ties

Before the Macrame

Fair warning, I did watch my share of quick and easy Macrame knot tying videos. Probably a total of an hour’s worth over the course of a few days. Since my inspiration had mostly braids and twists, I didn’t worry too much.

Macrame Prep Step

The first step was to cut the yarn to length. My pattern had two levels. So I had to cut two lengths of yarn. Shorter yarn is for the majority of the piece with a few longer sections for the middle. The second step was to create tassels. This part was the simplest. Simply wrap yarn around a block. Then tie the top creating the tassel top. Cut the bottom to free the ends creating a tassel. Easy peasy.

DIY Macrame

To be honest, this is only the second time that I tried my hand at macrame. I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. If you are thinking of trying it out, I would highly suggest using cheap supplies like did. Also, I would recommend starting with an inspiration design that incorporates something you already know how to do like braiding. My goal was to create a natural piece that I would be good at. Hence, I focused mostly on twists and braids just like I braid my own hair. This kept this project fun and enjoyable. I did use a few knots that I learned on the internet as well to keep me on my toes.

Overall, I am pleased with the final look of my piece. It gives my Apartment Master Bedroom that Modern Boho charm that it was missing.

DIY Macrame Wall Art
This is the perfect addition to add those Modern Boho vibes to my Apartment Master Bedroom.

Cost Neutral Update aka Budget

I started off the week at $114. This week’s projects cost $5 dollars for the DIY Macrame Wall Art supplies (yarn and a dowel). After this week, my remaining budget is $109. I am finally in a position where I don’t have to worry about raising more money. This is such a relief.

Until next week when I put the finishing touches on my room, pop over to the One Room Challenge to check out the other participants. I am so inspired by the designers and other guest participants.  



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