DIY Baking Powder Hack

We made it! It’s reveal week in the Better Homes & Gardens One Room Challenge. Can you believe how quickly time has passed? This week, I put the finishing touches on my Modern Boho Apartment Master Bedroom. To catch up on my progress, check out my previous weeks:

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Tentative Weekly Schedule

  1. Mood Board
  2. DIY Headboard Makeover
  3. Feature Wall
  4. Nightstand Upcycle
  5. Decorative Accents
  6. Dresser Makeover (bumped from Week 5)
  7. Macrame DIY Wall Hanging
  8. DIY Decorative Accents & Final Reveal

DIY Modern Boho Accents

Let’s take a look back at my inspiration from my mood board. I added two concrete pieces that added that modern edge. I knew I couldn’t afford Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. As such, I set out to create my own dupe.

I love everything about this mood board. But, I also love saving money. News flash: you can have both. You just have to create your DIY’s and save whenever possible. This week, I saved on the concrete accents and splurged on pillow covers.


  • Baking Powder
  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Sanding Block
  • Joint Compound

DIY Modern Boho Process

Yes, TikTok made me do it! I jumped on the faux concrete painting hack. Head over to TikTok or Instagram for more inspiration. The process is pretty straightforward and simple. I started with 3 glass vases and a bowl. You really just need to like to shape of the piece. If you don’t, you can add some joint compound to change the shape a bit like I did with the bowl.

DIY Modern Boho Accent Prep Step

Clean the glassware with rubbing alcohol. Let it dry. Then, spray it with Zinsser Primer. I used the spray paint version because it was easier. Additionally, you can add joint compound to change the shape of your object if you want.

DIY Baking Powder Paint Hack

This is super simple. Add Baking powder to your paint. Then, you wait for the paint to get fluffy/ thick. Simple paint layers of paint onto your vases. I used a light grey, white and black for my pieces. Wait for the paint to completely dry. Then, you scuff sand your piece lightly in between coats. Repeat until you like it. The middle can get a little wonky, but keep going I promise it works out in the end.

Overall, I am pleased with the final look of my pieces. It gives my Apartment Master Bedroom that Modern edge to create the Modern Boho charm I wanted.

Final Touches

My beige round chair still blended into the background. As such, I searched my blanket stash for a pop of color. However, it wasn’t quite enough. I headed over to Hobby Lobby for their 50% off pillow cover sale. I found two pillows that blended in with my color story. Clearly, I don’t like matchy matchy. So I opted for complementary colors and styles. What do you think? For $13 total, I simply cannot complain.

Cost Neutral Update aka Budget

I started off the week at $109. This week’s projects cost $13 dollars for pillow covers. I already had the glassware in my garage and paint from earlier weeks. After the ORC, I actually made $96. On top of that, I no longer have a boring, beige box for an Apartment Master Bedroom.

I hope I inspire you to start now. Don’t wait. You don’t even have to have money. You can sell things you don’t use to fund the things you want. Make your space your own. Be brave and just start.

Make sure you pop over to the One Room Challenge to check out the other participants. I am so inspired by the designers and other guest participants.  



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