A little under two years ago, we sold our Quaint Little Condo and went on all in this little house. She had great bones but man was she ugly. It was hard to see past the wonky floors and the leaking ceiling. But she came with 3 lots total and we somehow jumped in with both feet.

The Little House

Just like Thomas, the Tank Engine, we believed she could too. She could become our dream home.

From that time until now, we have had two completely different dream home plans. The first was a mix of old and new. Imagine if you will, adding a completely modern box onto the back of the house. A wonderous idea straight off the screens of Grand Designs. (Side note: Go watch it. I absolutely love the host, Kevin McCloud. UK TV at its best.)

Looking back, even now, I feel nostalgic watching old videos and thinking about how we were wed to that idea. As we learned the neighborhood and met our neighbors, it was clear that the modern twist was just too much. So we are saving that idea for another house. It is a wonderful idea and it will be an amazing contrast when it finally comes to fruition.

We moved on to a completely different idea with a first floor master and a modern farmhouse feel. In the long run, we think this layout is much more functional for our family and the value added is the icing on the cake.

We submitted plans to the city. We had to fix a few drainage concerns and requested a variance for the garage size so I could have a home gym. I know, priorities. 🙂

Currently, she is gutted to the studs and ready to become My Little House that Could. Stay Tuned.



Welcome to my corner of the internet. Come along with me as we turn My Little House that Could into our dream home. Along the way, I’ll share decorating ideas on a budget along with a bunch of DIY upcycling to save money and still create the home of your dreams!